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A Bias Bound Seam uses double-folded bias tape to finish off a seam edge. The bias tape can be applied to both seam allowances separately a pressed open seam or to both seam allowances at once a seam pressed to one side. This tutorial shows you how to apply the bias tape to both layers of the seam allowance at once. How to sew a bias bound seam: Start by stitching your seam as usual, and pressing is open. Do not trim, grade, pink or overlock/serge the raw edges at the seam allowance! Take your length of bias binding - either shop bought or homemade is fine - and open it out, pinning one length to the wrong side of one of your seam allowances. How-To: Bias Bound Seams Make:. It differs from a regular bound seam in subtle ways, but for one thing, there is a raw edge on the back side of the seam instead of a folded edge, in order to reduce bulk.You can see some other bound seam tutorials here and here. Bias binding gives a lovely, minimal looking seam finish along a neckline you can use it along armholes as well! without the fuss of a facing flapping around. It’s one of those “basic” skills you should really have down pat, since you can choose to sew a bias bound neckline just about any time you see a facing in a.

30/11/2001 · How-To: Bias Bound Seams. Haley Pierson-Cox. Haley Pierson-Cox from Red-Handled Scissors is a maker of crafts, a lover of cats, an avid swearing enthusiast, and a general purveyor of quirk. She's also sometimes an irritable cartoon named Tiny Cranky Haley. Bound seams are a great way to give the ballet topdress DELPY pattern – or another favorite pattern – a new effect. In this tutorial, I’ll walk you through creating your own woven bias tape with fabric scraps and binding the arm and neck seams of your ballet topdress DELPY. How to sew bias tape on curves or straight edges. How to sew bias tape on curves or straight edges. Tutorials. Your fabric edge is perfectly bound in a nice decorative way!. and the bias tape is flexible enough to stretch or compress around most curves. If you find that the bias tape’s seam allowances are bunching up or not stretching. In this article we share a few of the most common seam finishing techniques that might just crank up the excitement levels when it comes to this step in your dressmaking! A Hong Kong Finish/Bias Bound Seams. Bias bound or Hong Kong seams are the prettiest seam finish in my opinion.

21/09/2010 · Note: today we continue the series of seam finishing tutorials by April Henry that we started last summer. Bias Binding is a strip of material cut on the bias for extra stretch and often doubled. It is used for binding hems, interfacings, or for edge decoration and is very useful for many sewing. A bound seam is a type of seam where the cut edges of the fabric are enclosed to keep them from fraying. There are 4 types of bound seams Flat felled seams can be seen on the inseams of blue jeans. Fabric is rolled together in several steps and st. 19/09/2016 · And lastly, Bias Bound Seams. Bias Bound Seams take a little bit of patience, but so long as you sew right along their shape, they usually come out looking clean and crisp. The design is fairly simple, too; these types of seams are ones where the raw edges of the seam are covered by bias tape to help protect and keep the edges from being.

How-ToBias Bound Seams Make.

Today’s seam is somewhat of a variation on the French Seam. Unlike the French Seam, a Self Bound Seam is worked on a completed seam. So if you decide down the track that your seams would be better off enclosed, as long as your seam allowance is wide enough you can do this. The width of your bias tape should be four times the finish width. For example, if I want my finished width to be 1/4″ 6 mm, then the width of my bias tape should be 1″ 2.5 cm. Also, I’d like to mention that HK finish is actually quite similar to bias bound seam that was posted before.

A Bound Seam uses a double fold bias strip or double fold bias tape. In addition, when using a Hong Kong Finish, the seam allowance will be pressed open. When using a Bound Seam, the seam allowance can be pressed open or sewn together in the binding and pressed to one side. Fabric details for bias. In this video you will find out how to sew different types of bias bound seam finishes. This project was supported by a UTS WPS FYE grant, funded through the Australian. With bulky fabrics, trim to reduce seam allowances before finishing, and avoid bounded or french seams whenever is possible: better choose a finishing method that do not add more bulk like a bias bound or a simple overcast, either by hand or by machine; usually better finish each seam allowance on its own and not together, pressing them open! Transcript. I'm Jennifer from Workroom Social, and today I'm going to show you how to make a bound seam. We have prepared our seam with our seam allowance, and the first thing you want to do when you're making a bound seam is just kind of finger press your seam allowance open a little.

12/02/2016 · Both techniques use bias tape, but where the bias-bound seam applies double-fold bias tape to the seam and encloses it like a clamshell, the Hong Kong finish applies flat bias tape to the seam and leaves one raw edge of the bias tape exposed. This allows the seam allowances to lie flatter after binding, and to reduce bulk along the seamline in. To understitch your bias binding, turn the bias binding over the seam allowances and stitch close to the seam through all layers, as pictured. I don’t usually press at this stage, though you can press before you understitch. Instead of pressing, I will gently pull the binding away from the seam as I sew. This helps make the binding super flat.

A Hong Kong seam is a beautiful way to finish seams in unlined garments. It differs from a regular bound seam in subtle ways, but for one thing, there is a raw edge on the back si. Bias bound seams are an easy and pretty way to finish the inside of a garment without needing specials machines. Watch my video tutorial to learn how to make your own bound seams. blogged here: /2013/06/sewing-101-bias-bound-seam

A Hong Kong seam or Hong Kong finish is a home sewing term for a type of bound seam in which each raw edge of the seam allowance is separately encased in a fabric binding. In couture sewing or tailoring, the binding is usually a bias -cut strip of lightweight lining fabric; in home sewing, commercial bias. This lesson will teach you how to sew a Hong Kong seam finish, the absolute nicest way to finish a seam and the way they do it in the couture. We begin by demonstrating how to join the seams of the wool seam sampler and then, using silk organza bias strips, we teach you how to encase the seam so that the end result is a clean finish that can. Make a bias strip to bind the keyhole with. I cut a bunch of extra 2" bias strips when I was cutting the fabric, so I used one of these. I'm leaving it extra long so I can use the ends as ties to close the keyhole. If you want to close the keyhole with a button, you can.

6. Bound edges Bias bound seam or Hong Kong Finish This method is often used for bulky fabrics or unlined jackets. Using a double fold bias tape, slip it over the edge with the wider side on the bottom. Stitch the open edge closed. Which seam finishes do you use with your regular machine? Bound and Hong Kong Seam Finishes Page2 Rightsidestogether,pinand stitchthebiasstriptothe seamallowanceusinga scant1/4"seam2.Pressthe biasstripawayfromthe garmentseamline,wrapping therawedgetotheback. Fromtherightside,pinthe stripinplaceandthenstitch intheditch,catchingthe stripunderside3.Situating thesecondstitchinglinejust. Bias facings and bindings are some of my very favorite finishing techniques for necklines, armholes, and other hems. They're clean, pretty, and fun. You can add a pop of color or print that nobody will see or blend in seamlessly using the same fashion fabric. You can make them invisible by hand sewi.

In this lesson Lisa shows you how to bind your seams in two different styles. Using either the Hong Kong finish or traditional bias bound seams, you can really make the insides of. Sew, just inside the edge of the Bias Tape. If you look very closely at the foot of my sewing machine, you’ll see there’s a little triangle. I’m lining the left corner of the triangle up with the edge of the bias tape, and that helps me sew nice and straight. Most likely, your sewing machine also has “landmarks” on. Seams that require more time will result in added cost. For example, french seams and bias bound seams are much more tedious and expensive to construct in production than overlocked seams. When sewing leather, the seam allowances are typically opened and then glued down after sewing. Bias tape or bias binding is a narrow strip of fabric, cut on the bias. The strip's fibers, being at 45 degrees to the length of the strip, makes it stretchier as well as more fluid and more drapeable compared to a strip that is cut on the grain.

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