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29/03/2015 · I have a 2000 neon it cuts out and sputters when you accelerate around a turn. No check engine light is on and it - Dodge 2000 Neon question. When accelerating, my 2005 Dodge Neon hesitates when shifting gears. It seems like it is not getting enough gas into the - Answered by a verified Dodge Mechanic. 2002 dodge neon sputtering feels like wants to die and takes off real slow. when reversing its real bad sputtering and when stopped at light it starts ide. The engine hesitation on your Dodge may be created by problems in one or more components. In most cases, a bad throttle position sensor TPS fails to signal the engine computer about throttle operation. Other causes may be bad or worn out components in the ignition secondary system, causing the engine to accelerate. 08/04/2017 · I subscribe back to everyone. How to Easily Fix & Repair Stalling and Hesitation During Acceleration and even Shut Downs on a Dodge Ram Van 3500 5.9 gas engine by a simple easy Replacement of IAC, TPS, and MAP Sensors on the throttle body. And a Thorough Throttle Body Cleaning. NOTE: WHEN USING THROTTLE BODY CLEANER, MAKE SURE NOT TO.

24/08/2012 · This video was uploaded from an Android phone. neon hesitation when accelerate - Dodge Neon question. Search Fixya. Browse Categories Answer Questions. Dodge Neon Car and Truck; Dodge Car and Truck; Cars. Cranks and idles fine. Sputters and hesitates during acceleration. Revs smooth while in neutral. New plugs, wiresaccel. Pump. CJ5 Hesitates when accelerating - JeepsUnlimited.

03/08/2015 · How to Re-charge your AC system 2001 Dodge Neon ~intothedirtshop follow me on instagram! /into_the_dirtshop/ DISCLAIMERI am not responsible. 06/08/2013 · I have a 2000 Dodge Neon that I just purchased six months ago, and a few months ago I started noticing a sputter when I accelerate. Lately it is happening pretty much all the time. Also the car has always idled a bit roughly. The hood vibrates especially hard when idling.. 30/11/2017 · 2005 doge neon. sputters on occasion when i excellerate quickly. will still run fine if peddle is part way and idles fine. If I shut engine off the problem goes away but will start again the next day. 03 Neon - driving slow/sputtering after starting ignition then revs up VERY fast 4 Answers. 2003 Dodge Neon SE - Automatic My car has been having this issue for 7mo. I have taken it to two mechanics who still can not figure out the source of the problem. The car drives normally about 70% o.

28/07/2010 · 2000 Plymouth Neon / Sputters when accelerating. Sputters when accelerating - idles ok 2000 Plymouth Neon. When the engine is idling,the engine jerk,likewise when you throttle it.the engine seizes to accelerate normal once. See More 2000 Plymouth Neon. 22/04/2008 · I have a 2000 Dodge Neon, Automatic. Yesterday I came to a stop and when I pushed the gas to keep going, the car moved forward slowly, almost like it was in a higher gear for some reason. Now it's doing it almost every time I stop, like it doesn't really want to go. If I push the petal down further it feels like it switches gears and. Hi I have a 2004 Dodge Neon and its been working great so far. Recently my car occasionally suffers from a lose of power when I drive and the check engine light comes on when I try to accelerate and I get to 2k rpms the car sputters and jerks. My 2204 dodge neon is not reacting right away when i accelerate and when sitting still rpms drop and car sputters. Check - Answered by a verified Dodge Mechanic.

I just had a problem with a 2005 dodge neon, and I think you may have the same problem, even in park I could rev it up and once it hit 2000 rpms it would seem to misfire. Kind of jitter and shake. The check engine light would come on also. It feels as if the car wont give any more gas. 2001 dodge neon acceleration issues. i have a 2001 dodge neon se, and it wouldnt accelerate to well, so i got the spark plugs and wires changed and it ran better. but it makes a wired gurggling noise around 30-35 mph then stops. then at 50mph its doesnt want to accelerate above 50. when driving over 35 mph the car shakes or sputters. 18/03/2010 · The J-Body Organization, j-, is the worlds largest automotive enthusiast group exclusively geared towards the General Motors GM J-car platform including the Chevrolet Cavalier, Pontiac Sunfire, Pontiac Sunbird, Pontiac J 2000, Oldsmobile.

When I accelerate my 2004 dodge neon bucks and jerks at 10 mph, 20 mph and at 30 mph. I have spent $850.00 in the last - Answered by a verified Dodge Mechanic. What could make the Dodge Neon sputter like in reverse? It just started doing this and at times I also notice when you have stopped and are wanting to accelerate or need to speed up it sputters a bit also. 2000 Dodge Neon - sputter issues. Time to create page: 0.259 seconds Powered by Kunena Forum. Please do not email automotive questions to EricTheCarGuy. Please use the website resources instead. For login and website Support. Support@. Website Advertisement/Business Inquiry. When the car starts it revs on high and then sputters and revs again and sputters over. REPAIR GUIDES. BECOME A MEMBER. 2002 Dodge Neon Automatic I Have A 2002 Dodge Neon Every Time I Push On The Gas To Accelerate My Car Sputter Or Hesitates. 22/04/2014 · Dodge Neon owners have reported 25 problems related to car stall under the engine and engine cooling category. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Dodge Neon based on all problems reported for the Neon.

Dodge Neon with 2.0L manual trans. Starts perfect, idles fine, start acceleration and at about 2000 RPM the car hesitates until I get above 2000 RPM, then I get P0339 code and the car runs perfect. I can do start stops, high speeds and the car runs smooth, accelerates fine, runs like a normal engine.

28/12/2010 · My 2002 Dodge Neon RT is idling rough, hesitates, sputters when I accelerate, and sometimes backfires. - Answered by a verified Dodge Mechanic.16/10/2011 · 2nd Gen Neon - Car sputters on acceleration - Last week my 02 Neon started to sputter a little here and there while in park. a couple days later it started sputtering on acceleration making it difficult to enter traffic at times. I put seafoam in the tank when I first bought it.98 Dodge Neon sputters and jerks when accelerator pressed in gear so what is the problem and how to fix it? Unanswered Questions. Which areas should I avoid in Paris as a traveler? What are the geological features of Europa? What sites do graphic designers often visit for inspiration?12/03/2009 · 2005 dodge neon sputtering Check engine came on and when I go to accelerate it sputters. - Dodge 2005 Neon question.

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